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Since finishing my master’s in magazine journalism at City University in June (nabbing a cheeky Distinction along the way), I’ve been freelancing at a number of different publications.

The lovely folk at Pulse magazine have had me in as a freelance reporter for a few days a week since the beginning of July. Pulse, as I’m sure you know, is a B2B magazine for GPs, read in print and online by over 70% of the UK’s family doctors.

And oh boy, do I love it. Every day is different – one day I’ll be reporting on the latest primary care research, the next I’ll be interviewing senior industry figures or getting stuck into some some serious investigative work.

Pulse - Stop Practice Closures logo  Right now I’m concentrating on writing articles around Pulse’s Stop Practice Closures campaign. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys visiting your GP and not paying for it, you should definitely sign our petition – but first check out the cover feature I co-wrote with Jaimie Kaffash in July that sparked everything off.

Click here to view all the news articles and features I’ve written for Pulse magazine.


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