I’m Christina Kenny, a writer, editor and content producer based in London. 


I’m currently Editor of Classical Music Reimagined, a new music and technology blog owned by the tech company Touchpress. Before that, I was staff writer and editor for Sinfini Music, a specialist classical music website owned by Universal Music Group. My work has also been published by Pulse, The Guardian, Cosmo magazine, Huffington Post UK, Sabotage Times and BBC Music Magazine.

This website showcases a selection of some of my recent bylines. I also blog (occasionally) over at D for Dalrymple and tweet as @dfordalrymple.


What do you write about?

A wide variety of subjects, although I have particular expertise in classical music, lifestyle, the medical industry and, er, crime. I’m a versatile writer, journalism-trained, with excellent research skills and a knack for putting the right words in the right order, whether in print or online.

Why is your blog called ‘D for Dalrymple’?

People always want to know what the ‘D’ in ‘Christina D Kenny’ stands for. Sometimes I say it’s ‘Danger’, but D is actually for ‘Dalrymple’.

Do you accept commissions?

I can tackle pretty much anything you throw at me, from news reporting to interviews, full-length features to Buzzfeed-style listicles – even corporate copywriting.

Can I email you?

Sure – just fill in the form on the Contact page and I’ll be in touch. Feel free to drop me a tweet too.

Why do you look so terrifying in your profile picture?

A family friend spent half an hour taking headshots of me. This was the best one by quite a long way. I’m not even joking.